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Liveable Crouch End - the official feedback route for the trial publicised by our councillors

Received a few days ago. The trial has now ended
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Dear Adrian,

As you will likely be aware, we are reaching the end of the second week of Haringey Council's junction closure trials as part of the Liveable Crouch End scheme. The trials are due to finish at the end of Sunday, and the junctions that have been closed for two weeks will be reopened.

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide some further information on the trial and what the next steps are as far as we know. If you would like to just go straight to completing the council's feedback survey on the trial then just click the button below:
Complete feedback survey on the trial
In advance of the trial we arranged a public meeting that was very well attended. The meeting was the first time a fully public meeting had been held on the scheme, and was the first opportunity for many to learn more about Liveable Crouch End and the road closure trials. Unfortunately Haringey Council declined to attend, and many valid concerns raised by residents were left unanswered. We have consolidated these and submitted them to the council for a response, which we are still waiting on.

Since the commencement of the trial, as your Crouch End councillors we have been out daily, monitoring the impacts on traffic, as well as pedestrians and other Crouch End space users. We have spoken to many people in Crouch End, as well as responding to hundreds of messages on social media and by email - which we continue to do - and have been passing this feedback on to the Project team to ensure that all Crouch End voices are heard.

It has become evident during the trial that most of the issues that we foresaw, and alerted the Liveable Crouch End project team to, have become realised in regards to the traffic. But most disappointing is the continued lack of outreach to the community from the council in making the community aware of the trial, and having true public engagement from the start of the project.

That is why, as those most impacted by the changes, it is so important that you make your voices heard by submitting feedback on the trial using the official online survey below. The results of which will go straight to the project team, and form the basis of the next stage of the project. The deadline for this is the 20th October, so you only have a couple of days left to complete it.
Complete feedback survey on the trial
We do want to say that, despite the council's failings thus far, the intention of the Liveable Crouch End scheme is to improve air quality in the local area (despite it potentially doing the opposite in the trial so far), encourage more walking, cycling and use of public transport over private vehicle use (thereby reducing emissions) and create a nicer feeling area through public realm improvements and changes, all of which we entirely support.

But how we do it must be right for Crouch End and the surrounding neighbourhoods. We will continue to repeat this important message to the project team; and to advocate for the residents of Crouch End and our neighbouring areas, as well as for the positive results the project aims to achieve.

Following the ending of the trial, we understand that the survey results, alongside data on traffic volumes and speeds will be consolidated into a report which will inform the next stage of the process, which is to design plans for the wider Liveable Crouch End scheme.

We have been assured that fully public engagement sessions will be arranged in the coming months so that there is further opportunity for the community to make their voices hear, and hopefully be given the chance to get more involved in shaping the future of Crouch End.

As we receive information, key dates, or any further news, then we will pass this along to you.
Complete feedback survey on the trial
If you have already completed the survey, but would like to send through additional comments, have changed your views since your initial submission, or have any questions for the Project Team, then you can also send these through via email to liveablecrouchend@haringey.gov.uk
In the meantime, if you have any questions on this, or wish to discuss anything else with us, please do contact at crouch.end@haringeylibdems.org, or drop in to one of our councillor surgeries (times and locations available here), and we will continue to represent Crouch End, and push for much better from the council.
Best wishes,

Cllr Dawn Barnes, Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison & Cllr Tammy Palmer
Crouch End ward councillors | Haringey Liberal Democrats
What is a Liveable Neighbourhood?

Liveable Neighbourhoods are TfL funded schemes to reduce car trips and improve neighbourhoods for walking, cycling and public transport.

This can be achieved by infrastructure changes such as greater pedestrian and cycling space, traffic filtering through road closures, or removal of parking, as well as investment in suporting the community such as setting up community planting boxes, providing cycle training, and identifying safe walking/scooting/cycling routes for schools.

Find out more at: https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/boroughs/liveable-neighbourhoods
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