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I was quite taken by the trompe l'oeil effect of the Icelandic 3D pedestrian crossing but I've just seen the Ham and High coverage of a similar thing in St John's Wood. It's less than convincing. Do we blame the Ham and High for choosing a poor picture and an even worse video or congratulate them for their excellent representation of a disappointing installation? Or do Westminster's crossing painters not have the skills? Or did the Icelandic photographer use a little Photoshop do improve his images?

Worth checking before we attempt to trick the eyes of Crouch End's motorists.

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So the trompe l'oeil only works from one direction, right? And if you're the wrong side of the invisible proscenium arch it actually seems to make things less distinct.

The most effective angle of approach in St John's Wood appears to be lying in the gutter on the wrong side of the road. The winos will think delirium tremens has set in.

We need a trip to  Ísafjörður to gauge the quality, and maybe a day trip to what they call a waterfall


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