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Liveable Crouch End - a traffic experiment - one way alternate traffic on Broadway Parade

There is an initiative soon to get under way called "Liveable Crouch End". This was first branded as a saving grace for the soon to be disappointed Labour councillors back in the day when the sale of Hornsey Town Hall was still an issue (just about a year ago). We know about the "Liveable Crouch End" project in part because of this, in part because of a leak of some Haringey papers, in part because of a Freedom of Information request, and because we keep asking. We are promised a 'consultation' in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year. 

You can read more about the initiative (under its old branding TfL Liveable Neighbourhoods Initiative) here

Part of the decision making process for exactly what will be done to make Crouch End more 'liveable' will be a series of experiments with traffic flows and road closures. I think that one is taking place even now on Broadway Parade. My suspicions are aroused by  a trench which appears to have been dug by a utility company to supply something to Small Mercies. The perpetrators of this trench have not claimed responsibility - there are no signs with any company names on. Not even the optimistic 'No Smoking' the gas board sometimes uses. And I find it hard to believe that businesses have been conducted in those premises since sometime in the nineteenth century, without a full set of services already present.

The result is alternate one way traffic along Topsfield Parade. And it seems to be pretty successful. I took some pictures at 6 yesterday evening. The time of day when the detached onlooker is usually treated to the sight of rutting 41s and 91s locking antlers in the daily fight for superiority, and only eventually edging past each other and the massed ranks of badly driven and unnecessarily parked giant SUVs, with queues of would be travellers converted to bystanders backed up to the Ferme Park Road roundabout in one direction and the King's Head in the other.

I like this experiment. Put in a couple of lanes for cyclists where the trench now is, and modally filter Elder Avenue, and I think we have a success in our hands.

When the 'consultation' comes I will pass this on to the powers that rarely consult in Crouch End for their greater edification.

Unfortunately the image is not quite good enough to show the clock on the tower showing Crouch End Winter Time currently some 2 hours behind the rest of us.

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It seemed to be working on my way home yesterday too. Perhaps some of the traffic had disappeared recently? If so, does this mean, -

(a) Everything is fine, calm and liveable, so there's no need to change any road layouts?, or

(b) This is just the moment to reduce the road space available for cars?

Perhaps I could sneak out and slowly move the kerbs a bit further together. Actually maybe that's what's happening at the Monket Nuts zebra crossings.


I carried out a survey this morning among a local shop keeper. 100% of my respondent thinks there is now less traffic than previously.

Traffic is a bit like water if there is a blockage it will seep around the blockage and find an alternative route usually down quiet residential roads.
When traffic is light in Crouch End it's usually an indicator that it's half or term time holidays or there are road works somewhere near but outside of Crouch End and traffic migrates or is diverted to other routes. 

There are currently road works on Hornsey road which could be affecting Crouch End.


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