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Liveable Crouch End - a traffic experiment - one way alternate traffic on Broadway Parade - a reprise

I wrote about such an experiment just over a year ago. I thought then it was a great success. And recently it was repeated. Again , as far as I can tell it has been a great success.

On this occasion there was a large hole in the road outside Beam. I have no idea why. But the effect was to narrow the road to one lane. Not a modal , but a directional filter. 

The big benefit it seems to bring is that a motorist obeying the red light cannot insist that it is her turn to pass along the road. I'm sure we've all seen the big red omnibuses asserting their superiority during the rutting season (which occurs daily , in the early evening) almost butting heads outside the Queen's. When that happens nothing moves.  Well there's none of that when traffic is traffic light controlled. 

And do you see that huge space between the lights and the hole. That surely could be put to good use for delivery lorries which should not be allowed to stop anywhere else. One of the downsides, of course, is that this strip of gutter is currently parking spaces in the evening, the loss of which would sadden motorists and shopkeepers. Although maybe they could be parking spaces outside lorry delivery times. 

So this is my suggestion to the Liveable Crouch End project team, who will be recommencing consultation in the New Year. A possible addition to their set of proposals.

It should also be noted that this self same project team has just published what seems to be a decent set of statistics covering the trial period when Middle Lane was closed. 


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