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We have never let a flat or had any dealings with the person who posted that comment on your website, could you please have this comment removed as we feel that the person who posted this has made a mistake about the company involved.

Daniel Cohen

Sales Negotiator

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OpinioN8 has received this email:

Anyone had a bad experience with an estate agent? If you have, will you sign my petition and forward it to any likeminded friends? And maybe share it on Facebook/Twitter and all the usual stuff?Best wishes,Lindsay

The petition reads:

Estate agents to have to undertake professional qualifications and be independently regulated

Responsible department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

We call on the Government to introduced compulsory training for estate agents and a system of independent regulation in order to put an end to the unfair and often illegal practices they engage in and to protect the consumer in what is often the biggest financial decision of their lives.

I would like to give some good feedback, and some bad: 

Martyn Gerrards and Black Katz:

Thomas at Martyn Gerrards has been very thorough, switched on and goes out of his way to help, even though I originally dealt with a colleague Andy, also decent.

Black Katz were really good, common sense and great people skills. Good knowledge of area and community.

The Property Company: NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. From start to finish they have been terrible.

We had to chase them constantly. As soon as they have a deposit or your money they stop caring.

They lie, they promise things that aren't true. They upset our landlord on many occasions, as well as us. They don't get back to you if it is an issue they do not want to sort out, they don't reply to emails, calls or even visits in the office!

They are disorganised, unprofessional and very unprepared. selfish and just out to get money. They say they will send people round, you take time off work, they don't appear.

They lost the inventory that I had to amend, so I had to do it again - 5 pages of changes...they lost it, even though I handed it to a member of staff in the office. They then tried to use the old inventory when they sent the contract (late)...

They don't get things fixed. They keep your deposit for unreasonable, outlandish charges, even though the landlord said he agrees with us! (Still in dispute months later, they keep forgetting who they are dealing with, our names, sending other peoples confidential emails to us by mistake....)

They are rude when you speak to them (all bar one, Elena), they are surly, they are totally untrained to deal with people. They made everything that is already stressful more stressful! Ricky was the most ridiculous person I have ever had to deal with.

Avoid at all costs!!

We are mid way through a sale at the moment so I will hold off from reviewing the agents we are using - I would however strongly recommend Pricket and Ellis in Crouch Hill - they use actual grown ups (rather than frustrated City Brokers) and you don't get the impression that they are constantly lying to you. I wish that we had used them from the start.

BTW - pop into St James's on any evening and you will see all the dodgy Tottenham Lane agents drinking together and discussing clients - I know for a fact that KFH have discussed us with the agents we are now using. It's the Crouch End mafia (the only difference is that Tony Soprano probably has more integrity) 

ReThe Property Company: they stuck a flyer through our letterbox, which is clearly marked with a No junk mail sticker. My husband happened to be at home, so he opened the door and pointed out that we did not want junk mail. The answer not the expected apology. No, he argued! The flyer is your now mate, you throw it away and "don't you understand that we are trying to be proactive I the area" . If that's their way of being proactive, and that's how they speak to potential customers (not that I'd ever go anywhere near them!) then I would avoid like the plague. I also know that they rent illegal conversions to various councils, are not that bothered who they're letting to, and are causing no end of grief for the neighbours. I had the misfortune of living far too close to one of their properties on the Ladder. They're really no better than slum landlords. AVOID!


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