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Haringey is asking for ideas for uses for Hornsey Town Hall square - let's give them some.

There are some obvious suggestions:

  • The Farmer's Market - talked about for years, but still unlikely
  • A Christmas Market - to rival the destinations all over the continent?
  • A general market - maybe selling things you can't buy in Crouch End now Woolies has gone


But there may be some more off the wall notions:

  • An ice rink - temporary for the winter, like the one in Somerset House
  • A roller rink - probably cheaper to run than ice and my Mum (she's 85 now) used to love the one up at Ally Pally
  • Somewhere green and pleasant to sit





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VernonGDJun 17, 12:10pm via TweetDeck

@OpinionN8 Short term car park, perhaps? As if.


But this picture from theFrancis Frith website shows juar how well this worked as recently as 1965

The Ice rink - actually one of Haringey's suggestions, and quite possibly feasible. The grass area might be flat enough to take the freezer panels but either on the grass or on the paved area, the curbs and the tree would be health and safety issues. There are a surprising number of companies which hire out ice rinks. I found 4 with no trouble at all.





though I did not find prices.

What about a market - this ought to be easy to do - there  is already one organisation wanting to hold a Farmer's Market. But the area is full of creative , crafty people who make things they want to sell. Almost everything at Crouch End Open Studios was for sale, so filling stalls shouldn't be a problem. Thornton's Budgens is running a sort of a market stall for local producers in the very near future, for those who " . . .  have surplus fruit or veg from your allotment/garden, produce small quantities of food at home - pots of jam, cakes etc. or are a local producer of  arts and crafts"

And its really very easy and quite cheap (from £315) to hire 10 sta...

Another of Haringey's suggestions is a book or literary festival. On the face of it this seems to me to be impractical. Surely putting together a good set of speakers might take 6 months, and I guesss this would mean having the whole area under a marquee in case of inclement weather. But having said that N8 already has a peripatetic bookshop and the people at Big Green Books seem full of ideas.

One of the most irritating suggestions I can recall anyone making was that the Town Hall Square should become a piazza, which of course it should not - its a village green in England, it doesn't need redesignating in foreign, though of course it was a long British tradition to steal good ideas (and objects and vast areas of land if need be) and make them our own.

So looking back to our village past throws up some ideas which would not only provide entertainment, and pull in the crowds but serve some disciplinary purpose.

The stocks is a very simple form of punishment for malefactors - and their use might help Ken Clarke empty the prisons

The Pillory is very similar but a bit more punishing and seems still to have some currency  On the lighter side we could have a Maypole which might bring out the Morris men, a concept which is being modernised by a community project in Tottenham which recently had an outing at Ally Pally

The stocks is clearly an idea whose time has come.  See this discussion from Stroud Green


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