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Hi there. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what, if anything, is happening with Bouga and Honeymoon on Park Road. Bouga has been closed for well over a year now with no sign of activity, while there appears to be one man working (slowly) on ripping the inside of Honeymoon apart. Any news on either? They're quite late units and its a shame they've been allowed to fall apart.

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Quite 'large' units. Bloody phone!

From Twitter

barestebanN8@OpinionN8 yes. Have met new owners of honeymoon, they are opening Greek meze....and Bouja, we tried to get that space but lease too complex5:40pm, Jul 17 from Twitter for iPhone

So another variable to add into the mix of what is to blame for our retail ills. 

Rent often gets a mention - at Figo's and Belqique for example

Rates also have a bearing - see this about charity shops

and now we have the complexities of the Landlord and Tenants Act, which have kept Bar Esteban out of the bigger and more central premises formerly Bouga

Thanks for the info Adrian. Glad to see that Honeymoon is being renovated. As I said, they appear to have one poor fellow working on it, so I can't see it being open for at least another three four months.


Bouga is an eyesore and it's a great shame that the lease seems to be disuading potential businesses from renovating the premises. It's in a prime position (although, having said that, the two shops opposite it shut within a week of each other), but looks like it'll stay the way it is...


And yes, it's very upsetting that every empty unit turns into a charity shop or an estate agents.

While we're at it (and as you seem to be a man in the know) any idea what's happening to "The Flower Seller?" Now THAT's been closed for a good long while. I saw a sign outside suggesting it was to be turned into offices. Another estate agent?!

It will be a branch of Cult selling women's wear https://twitter.com/cultclothingN8/status/372985901275942912/photo/1 

Optimistic given the demise of Powder in the same row

Inscribed in the dust of what was Powder is the url http://www.niddlenoddle.com/about_us which is a children's boutique

I agree with the eyesore, I mean its been there how long now!?

Even if they just refreshed the place. it was always nice looking inside shame the service let it down.

There appears to be SOME sign of action. I've walked past it twice in the last week to see the doors open and people inside. Still no sign outside to say it's up for sale though. I do hope the current owners do something with it though - it's been decaying bit by bit for well over a year now.

besides from the Japanese (Chinese), coffee shops and large corporations (KFC and the like) we could do with an authentic place.

I did see some people yesterday and they said they would be open in a just over a month. didn't mention about what they were doing with the place.

Any ideas?


my guess is another small business put off by the dilapidation and rates.

It will be a mcdonalds!

We should lobby Toffs! They'd make a killing.


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