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Crouch End is one of North London's major hotspots for cafe culture. The recent warm weather has seen the windows of cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants thrown open and patios crammed with people chatting, eating and drinking .. and tapping away into laptops and mobiles.
Sadly, last Tuesday was ruined for one Crouch Ender: his mum told the story in an email to Cllr Winskill ...
O**** was in Harris and Hoole at the time and the motorbike came onto the pavement between the shop fronts and parked cars and snatched the computer through the window. The police who came to the scene were fantastic, they accessed CCTV  and said how much they wanted to catch this pair as they were responsible for so many offences.
Luckily the lad was unharmed but his laptop remains on the missing list. I've emailed our Safer Neighbourhood Team (020 8649 3515) and asked them to visit bars and restaurants to alert them to what can happen and to keep an eye out for their customers. Everyone should be alert to this really unpleasant crime.
I'd also be grateful if Opinion8ors could keep an eye out and pass this message on to anyone who is likely to be out and about in the good weather.
This sort of thing is very rare and Crouch End remains a safe place.

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This also happened to me about a month/two months when I was waiting for a bus outside M&S. I was stood right on the edge of the pavement and a motorbike (with one person driving, one person sat facing backwards) pulled up and tried to snatch my iPhone out of my hand as I was texting.

I was so shocked I didn't take down the license plate number, but I did manage to shake my head at them disapprovingly. That'll show them.


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