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Ladies hairdressers in Crouch End - any recommendations?

It has been some time since we had an update on ladies' hairdressers on Opinion8 so here goes.

I have gathered the following from Facebook. The problem here is that Facebook just provides you with a long list of names not actually recommendations. Can we put together some recommendations. Places that people have actually been to, and know them to be good or bad, cheap or expensive, scary or comforting or indeed any combination of adjectives to help make the decision.

Look forward to hearing from you


Melanie Solomon
15 April
There's a lot of hairdressers in the area, can I get recommendations (from experience) for good cut & keratin- am on a budget but want quality- I think a fair few of the local places may be out of my price range...

Lizzie Bevan I like Avalon on Weston park. Not sure if you would consider it to be pricey or not but they do 20% off on Tuesday's and Wednesday's I think

Anne-Marie Kelly Following

Florence Critchfield Ilki on park road x

Florence Critchfield ilki hairdressers crouch end

Madeleine Davies Yes - Avalon is great!

Laurie Lindey Salon Seventy-Two 020 8347 7352. Fern is an excellent hair dresser. I have had a kertain treatments several times and each time it lasted nearly a year. She's a real professional.

Larissa Chase Yes Salon 72 are fab. Been going there for years and my hair has improved tenfold under Ferns care.

David Singer Mel, I go to Charlotte Murray in Muswell Hill. Michelle and mum have been, too.

Harry Diver Pop hair and beauty in Muswell hill do a great job..

Melanie Solomon Thanks all, some good choices to start ringing round smile emoticon

Sandra Von Haselberg Ru or Ken at Organic hair at the bottom of Crouch hill are good.

Josette Simon Ilki.

Mariana Broughall Pop in muswell hill, ask for Ayla. I've been going to her for years, and the price there is better than most places

Natty Lordemerce The Jaymarie Experience Jaymarie Winkler She does haircuts at your home for agreat rate, and she is very very good grin emoticon She also can do childrens hair in your home xx

Gemma Jammin Ilki.

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