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Your postal vote application form, that is.

All our political parties have cunning plans to get you in their grips. The LibDems run lots of what they call 'consultations' or 'petitions'. What they really want is for you to click on the link and give up your email address so that they can then send you emails for ever after. I dare say other parties do it too, I just haven't seen them.

Efforts are stepped up in advance of the local elections on May 3rd.

The Labour Party has just sent me an email urging me to register for a postal vote, and to register for a vote in the first place, if I haven't already. I'm not sure I'm happy with this campaign. I cherish my vote and think carefully about what to do with it, and I've made sure I can use it even if I am away from home. This campaign is aimed at people who may not have bothered to register for a vote at all, and certainly not for a postal vote. 

So is this campaign a well meaning attempt to broaden the electorate, or a cunning ploy to suck in the ignorant and indifferent, to a particular set of political promises. My own assessment places it nearer the 'cunning ploy' end of the spectrum. Broadening the electorate should be carried out in a neutral fashion, not allied with implicit promises to pay nurses more and to provide jobs for graduates.

Mind you it didn't go too well for this Daily Mail attempt at the general election

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