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Hope someone can help, when is the Jumbles Sale at St Georges Church Cranley Gardens due to take place, I know it is in June sometime, and also are there any Carboot Sales in this area?

thank you

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Don't know about St Georges, but Weston Park Primary school has a monthly carboot sale in their playground/hall. Usually 50p entrance and £10 per table if you want to sell..

Hi Claire,

Thank you very much for your reply, can you please tell when the next carboot is at the Weston Park

kind regards


Hi, the next car boot at Weston park school is on the 30 th of June, here is the number if you need any more info 02083475000

Thank you

Hi everyone, does anyone know of any Carboots or Jumbles Sales which are on this Saturday 16th June.

thank you

Campsbourne just held their first Car Boot in the middle playground about 3 weeks ago - they will be holding a regular sale on a Sunday I think - I'll find out more and update - is there a page with jumble / car boots on opinion8? Might there be? Dave.

We have an events page and this enquiry lists all forthcoming sales. You can run the enquiry by clicking on the "sales" link on the right hand side of the events page under "Popular Event Types".

I think it is quite easy to add an event, and any member can do so. It is also now possible to "Copy" an event from the "Options" drop down near the top of the page, so that having added the first of a regular series of sales it is then possible to quickly add some more. The advantage of adding sales fairly close to the date they happen is that notifications go out on Twitter and Facebook when the event is added.

Thank you all very much for your information, and I will check the Events Page. I do find sometimes Local organisations cannot afford to advertise their Jumble Sales in Local Papers because of the expense, or do not know where to advertise for free, so do not advertise using word of mouth, which is why attendance at some Jumble Sales, and Jumbles Sales themselves are dropping, which really is sad, as so many people enjoy a good Jumble, and the organisations benefits.

many thanks



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