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I heard some gossip last night that Jamie Oliver was sniffing around Crouch End, possibly taking over the current Barclays branch. It would certainly make a beautiful restaurant with those lovely, and very rare, curved front windows.

Maybe Barclays will move back to where it apparently once was - the old KFC!

I've also heard people talking about Nando's though to me that sounds less likely as there's already one on Stroud Green Road.

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Most people have Nando's down for what was Pizza Bella. This is a much more exciting rumour.

I ate once in a Jamie's Italian place at Heathrow. I thought it was pretty good. I ate last week in Bistro Aix. It was a night when they had a special offer on through the loyalty scheme. It was packed. The meal was good, but i had to send the bill back to get the discount.

It's all gone quiet on Pizza Bella again... seems to be moving very slowly.

As much as I hate the idea of chain resturants moving into Crouch End, there's an increasing number of empty units appearing - especially around the clock tower - which is a great shame.

I just wish someone, anyone, would sort out Bouga. It's been an eyesore for years and years now.

at least there's a to let sign on Bouga now, so it's actually on the market, which is a tiny step in the right direction i guess. 

Does anyone know what's happening to the old bookstore premises next to Waitrose? 

A Jamie Italian would be great! And to get shot of KFC even better. 

I think the lease has been taken by Waitrose so they can extend their tentacles.

That would make sense. I wonder if they'll put in a proper cafe so everyone can get their free teas and coffees. That could really impact local coffee shops

The main thing they need is more flippin' tills - it's a nightmare on the weekend.

That's why I never shop there, I can't bloody get to anywhere to pay!!! 


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