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About three weeks ago I was seized by that horror that starts with a hollow feeling in the deepest depths of the stomach: my computer had ground to a halt. 

Ctrl Alt Delete as I might, the thing was dead, moribund, bereft as a parrot.

I've used him before so a call went out to Marek of www.itboxcs.co.uk . He was with me within an hour, had diagnosed the problem within two minutes (this is a family website so let's just say "broken") and advised me of a way forward within five.

He managed to save all my data and transfer it to some refurbished kit that he sourced for me, helped to retrieve my emails (39 452 of the little devils downloaded themselves from Virgin - even Marek was impressed) and I was back on line.

He is fast, incredibly reasonable and a good bloke to trust.

You might want to make a note of 07904 607 745 somewhere ... but don't forget to back it up every now and then!

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