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Is there really a crime wave in Crouch End - and if so what to do about it

Local Facebook groups are full at the moment of stories of muggings, burglaries and especially moped theft. There are calls for vigilante groups,  comments about how badly the police are deployed and some praise for the police. Someone has started a petition.

Inspector Matt Cox of Haringey is quoted as saying that there is an increase in this type of crime.

There is also a huge increase in the amount of publicity given to these events - before Facebook and Twitter a week would have elapsed before a report in the local paper brought it to most people's attention - now thousands see the report in minutes, quite possibly the same report in different guises. The facts must not be dismissed but I feel sure the perception is worse than the facts.

There is also a call for more police - but this seems impractical - we can't all have personal escorts - some areas will still be unguarded.

Detection seems immensely difficult - see Linda's report below - and standards of proof in courts are set very high to get a conviction.

Two of our local councillors are holding a special meeting on Tuesday - in the Earl Haig Hall at 7:30. Go along, and if nothing else you can speak out adding your views to the debate.


I'm reading a lot of messages about the Crouch End crime wave and how the police must act, the police are doing nothing, why is this still happening, why has no-one been arrested, the police are useless, let's form a vigilante group.

Here's my experience of the 'useless' police. At the end of October I was mugged on Mount View Road at around 10.15 pm. Two teenagers followed me up Ferme Park Road then grabbed me from behind as I turned into Mount View, one put his hand over my mouth, the other grabbed my bag and they ran off. I was half a block from home. I dialled 999, the police arrived in minutes, I was still on the phone to 999 when they came. Using the Find my Phone app they tracked my bag to where it was dumped on Mayfield Road and brought it back; only the cash was taken. They took a DNA swab from my face, and fingerprinted the recovered bag. They asked me if I could identify the muggers, either in an identity parade or from photographs of known offenders. I said no, I'd barely seen them. So no-one was caught, not because the police were useless, they were brilliant. No-one was caught because I couldn't identify them. And I imagine it's the same with these moped phonejackings, by the time the police arrive they're long gone, even if they arrive in minutes, and the thieves are wearing helmets.

It would have been nice if there'd been a patrolling copper on Mount View that night, but honestly, how likely was that?


Andy Harding This should be added to the agenda for the next appreciation society social Alan Wigley et al. Maybe we, the law abiding citizens of Crouch End, should form a vigilantegroup and take matters into our own hands... 

TONIGHT'S observations:

1. Just walked past the cop shop on Crouch Hall Road and seen two community police officers sitting at their desk engrossed in their iphones. Upon enquiring of a fellow officer leaving the building as to why they weren't on the street showing a physical presence in the face of all these moped thefts I was told that they had to be in the office to see visitors to the station. Duh! Crouch End isn't so big that they couldn't be more than a phone call away if needed

Metropolitan police & North London MP's: Stop moped thefts in Crouch-End
by Jaclyn Blankendaal · 80 supporters


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Following the Crouch End Appreciation Society Facebook group I've counted around a dozen of these robberies or attempted robberies over the past three weeks, including two just this last weekend on the zebra crossing outside Monkey Nuts and the pavement outside Boots. It's hard to tell whether it's just one group or more than one.

I'm in Green Lanes, very close to the Salisbury pub. Part of my work is photography and I have been experimenting
with a new Mirrorless camera at night.
Last week, at around 9.00 pm a guy tried to snatch my camera and threw a punch.
He missed and unfortunately, according to the police, I broke his arm in two places. Oops!
My camera is safe, I'm safe.
My assailant was in his 20's and I'm 58.
I'm thankful to my ex student who now high up in his disciplin also taught me some things. Aikido.


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