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Is there a shortage of school places in Highgate, Archway, Crouch End area?

I was wondering if anyone was experiencing difficulty in getting a place for their child in this area of N. London? Postal codes N19, N8, N6 are relevant?. In particular are you having to travel further than you would like?

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I live in Landrock Road, almost the centre of Crouch End.  My eldest is now in year 2 but when we applied we were naive in thinking that we would be ok for at least Rokesly and possibly also Coleridge.  Not so.  Initially we were given only a place in Tottenham.  It was a stressful time on the waiting list but eventually she was admitted to Rokesly. There is a lot of horse trading that goes on.  I suspect many prospective private school children are on the state school lists as well.  They have expanded Coleridge but you have only to look at all the development in Crouch End to realise it isn't keeping up. 

I have written to ask Haringey for more detail.

Dear School Admissions

I have seen figures which indicate that almost 84% of school applicants have been awarded their first choice of place. This seems very satisfactory. According to this press release by the Pan London Admissions board, 96.36% of Haringey applicants have been offered a place on their list of preferences. Please can you tell me where the 3.64% who have not been are located.

Many Thank

This information has been posted as a jpeg on Haringey online.


Does anyone know what the footnote on this jpeg'ed letter about Weston park means, they seem to be giving two seperate radii of admission.

I have received the attached from Haringey


Taking Rokesly.  Last year's published catchment radius was 0.4297m.  


They are really saying this year's is one whole mile bigger?!  I think this must be erroneous.


They've taken in another 30 children to Weston Park from September 2013 so what was once a one form entry (30 spaces) now has an extra class going through the school.  There was also a 'bulge' year in 2012.

Well if that is the reason then I am impressed as it essentially now covers all of Crouch End easily.

This is probably not news to David, but will have a bearing on the answer to his question - Ashmount will continue to be a primary school

I entirely agree it has a bearing on my question! 

I was asking the question because ASAG have been making strong claims that there is a serious shortage of school places in this area, so I just thought I would find out if there was anyone else noticing a shortage. Basically ASAG are saying there is a really severe shortage in the Archway, Crouch End area. Islington Council are saying there is not.

So who (or is that whom?) is correct?

I expect there are parents who want their kids to go to primary in the Crouch End area who are either going to private school - I know a no of people at the Gower on waiting lists for Coleridge and other local schools or are at faith schools and want to move to a community school. There may be enough of those for a new two form entry school maybe. However the problem with places in Crouch End if there is one is just going to move up to secondary level. Highgate Wood's catchment area is shrinking and that is before the expanded Coleridge is taken into account. The first 4 form year applies to secondary in the Autumn and I expect that will mean that the catchment will shrink down Crouch Hill quite a long way.

I think you appear to make a very interesting point; you are saying that there is what economists will call "suppressed demand" for places as there are people in the area with places in private schools who would wish to transfer to the state sector. I suppose the way you would detect this is looking for people who have only applied for one or two state schools

based on information from Islington Admissions:-

In Islington, this year, here were nine families who were not offered a place at either Ashmount or Coleridge having applied for either or both these schools.     Five of them were offered other schools that they had put on their list of preferred schools.  Four remained unplaced as they had not stated a preference for any other schools. They had only applied to Ashmount and Coleridge. They go on the waiting list for Ashmount and Coleridge as do the other parents as well, should they wish. However, for the next few weeks it is not clear how many unplaced children there really are  as some parents refuse the places offered and new vacancies emerge. They could all get offers at Ashmount or Coleridge in the end.

In otherwords that might be four who will go private instead. I wonder what the situation is for Haringey residents?


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