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Is the Wells Terrace entrance at Finsbury Park Tube about to close?

This closure is apparently imminent. ThisWells Terrace closure picture from Facebook. I haven't checked the details. This was not popular last time it was proposed.

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I have now checked the details - a TfL press release date 29th June 2016 

New station entrance as Finsbury Park upgrade work reaches next stage  states

The entrance to Finsbury Park Underground station from Wells Terrace will close on 18 July 2016 as part of the work to upgrade the station. The closure is the latest step in a comprehensive upgrade of the station that will introduce step-free access by 2018, increase capacity and make journeys quicker and more pleasant.

Great, should add about another 5 minutes to my commute.

Good grief. Three years.

I reckon a few determined Crouch Enders could dig a tunnel from the W7 stand to the tube platforms in about 3 months.

Now, where did I leave that wooden horse?

Wooden horse to Iron horse.

The new entrance to the station on Fonthill Road is now fully open after a soft launch just before Christmas. It will be a few more weeks until the passageway from the new entrance to the Wells Terrace bus stops is ready. Missed opportunity to make this fully accessible. Story in the Islington Gazette


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