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The word on the High Street is that Lidl is looking to move into London's villages. This Ham and High Lidl story doesn't mention Crouch End by name, though the story in this week's paper (not on the internet yet) does. They are looking for between 10,000 and 28,000 square feet - perhaps Wetherspoon's is big enough?.

On a grander scale the Town Hall is up for sale too - just imagine the possibilities. And then sign this petition

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I'd welcome a Lidl - its is very good value and the ones in Finsbury Park and Wood Green just a little to far away for convenient daily use.  The external appearance of the stores is not garish, no more so that Waitrose, Budgens and Tesco,  and the only issue is the location of the premises.  I would of course not want the Town Hall to be taken over as per your photo. 

Lidl is a great value store  - I use the one in Wood Green but would prefer not to have to use the bus.

I find it rather depressing that a Lidl would be welcomed. How on earth are our local independents ever supposed to make any money if we actively want chains to move in. Aren't 4 supermarkets enough? 

I would prefer Lidl to replace one of the ones we already have - Tesco, for example

I quite enjoy a visit to Lidl - I give my mother a lift sometimes to the branch in Corby (Northamptonshire) (not to be be confused with Corbyn (Islington) - I don't buy food there but sometimes the hardware aisle suddenly and unexpectedly has bargains, like motorcycle crash hats at £25, when they are nearly £200 elsewhere, which appear to meet all the Euro standards.

The conflict between the independents and the chains has cropped up here before, in this story about a carrot, David's Superstore and Solomon's , for instance, from 2012. 

For my money the independents win almost every time - having a food store open all the hours I am awake, just around the corner, is much easier than stocking a larder, and it's years since I've done a 'big shop' on my own account.

If you care about this sort of thing keep an eye out for the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum which looks at plannign matters, such as change of use, for instance.

All the little supermarkets in CE are poor - I'd love a Lidl or an Aldi - we're not living in a country village Crouch End is in zone 2 of a capital city and the shopping facilities should reflect that
Crouch End has a distinct identity. No it isn't a country village but it isn't just some anonymous shopping centre like Wood Green shopping city which could be anywhere. Its what makes crouch end a place people want to live in despite the lack of a tube or indeed a cheap supermarket chain.


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