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I think Not !!!!. Let me explain 

I live in a beautiful aprtment block in The heart of Crouch End ( Village Apartments )  . We have secure parking and all the amenities of crouch end are at our doorstep. Everything about it is brilliant except for teh constant disruption caused by tesco express delivery vans.

Let me explain , we are fortunate enough to have secured allocated parking  by the budgens car park . The downside to this is we have to share the secure parking with Tesco express . In the last year the Tesco express articulated lorries have crashed into the gates over 10  times and for the last 6 weeks the secured gates have been jammed open ( after tesco express drivers again crashed into gates )

I guess what bothers me is that a successful company like Tesco do not fix what they break . Since the gates have been jammed open I have had my car vandalised  and despite countless calls and emails to tesco no one seems to want to help. 

fed up with tesco's . As a stark contrast the Budgen delivery vans , that deliver next are always courteous   and respectful of the residents 

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Nick, not sure if you've been to Budgens lately; we've cut a load of our prices. We now price match against big Tesco's on a few hundred key lines and have cut the prices of 1000's of other lines. We're certainly cheaper on many lines to Tesco Express next door and should now (on an average basket) much closer than we were to the Tesco in Stroud Green.

Hi - Oh sorry, that wasn't what I was insinuating! Although Budgens is still a bit too pricey for my weekly shop in fairness, it is good for niche ingredients. I actually quite like Budgens and its community involvement.  I was in there this weekend.

I was just postulating as to what the space which Tesco's occupies would be filled with - if it were to go, of course. It's a small shop and high rent I imagine, and that either means a small, inflated express type supermarket chain or a chain fast food outlet.


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