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Just completed survey. Immediately opened the site, and there it was - one of the most irritating features of OpinioN8 - I always check out the restaurants, as I am a lover of Italian food, I thought Piazza Italia sounded very interesting.  Clicked on the name, nothing happened, tried several times, clicked restaurants, then Googled it. It is in St. John's Wood.  I do find the website difficult to find real information about the features and this is a prime example. The very title of it suggests that restaurants etc would be in the N8 area, maybe even Muswell Hill - but St. John's Wood. Is this some sort of paid for feature.

I would find the whole thing more useful, if it were more user friendly and was easy to find relevant information.

I glance through it from time to time, but don;t find it informative, I often Google what I am looking for and find it quickly, for instance Piazza Italia today.

Find it rather pointless, this is a dark wet Sunday afternoon, so thought I would give it a go.

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A few people have commented on the navigation so that's worth looking into.

However I literally don't know what you mean about Piazza Italia. It's on Broadway Parade between Hot Pepper Jelly and The Queens. And that's the first link that comes up if I google it. I can't even find one in St John's Wood!

However putting the address when mentioning places is definitely useful feedback.

Immensely useful feedback. I have never had a problem with a link not working nor with one taking me to a different page. Anyone who has please let us know - responses here would be perfect, thank you - perhaps with a note of which browser and operating system.

I've just tried the link (Piazza Italia - lunch during a sunny weekon my windows pc, an Apple iphone and an Android tablet and can't recreate the problem.

I am adding links to the local knowledge tab in an attempt to make things easier to find for instance, this one Restaurant Discussions - again comments would be welcome.


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