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Inaugural meeting of the Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green Area Forum and Committee 27/6/11

I attended this meeting last night (27/6/11). The congregation was made up in roughly equal parts by number of, on the one hand the public, and on the other officers and councillors. Being the first ever such meeting the agenda and proceedings were made up in very unequal parts of officers of the council (30%) , councillors (30%) and the public (which I will leave as a test in mental arithmetic%). This had the benefit of avoiding any awkward silences, and the balance of all those things should improve as the agenda is developed by the public.

I missed the opening hour of the meeting and arrived near the end of a presentation on how Veolia works. This gave rise to questions on the ever popular topics of nappies in bins, inconsiderate bin users, bin sizes, rats and foxes. The answers will be documented more fully in the minutes I am sure, but essentially consist of either education and consultation, or rest with another department. Apparently the unsightly Veolia buggy compound in Stationer's Park is to be concealed behind foliage. I wonder if our warming climate might support a bougainvillea.

The presentation on pot holes ought to have been quite straightforward, but gave rise to an almost amusing confusion over money versus extra money, and potholes fixed with money and potholes fixed with extra money. I certainly didn't understand the distinction.

I spouted a 2 minute soapbox item which was quite well received (a plant in the audience started a round of applause) and which is reproduced below. The topic was then transferred from the forum portion of the meeting and added to the agenda of the committee part of the meeting (this is how it works). The councillors rounded out what I had said very nicely and raised an action point against Anne Lippitt, the recently appointed interim Director of Urban Environment, to make clear exactly how the Area Committee could influence the future uses of the Town Hall and Square. Anne is interim until Lyn Garner takes her position as Director of Place and Sustainability. This action point will be followed up at the next meeting.

Thank you Lyn for giving me time on the soapbox. I understand that this topic will then be summarised for the committee to discuss and a response and/or action will be required, bearing in mind that what I am saying is already highly summarised to fit the 5 minute soapbox.

Hornsey Town Hall and Environs.There are two important initiatives taking place in respect of Hornsey Town Hall. Initiatives of which I approve and wish to support. They are:

1. the negotiation of a lease with Mountview Theatre School for the main part of the building

2. a call for suggestions for uses for the paved and grassed areas in front of the building (the Town Hall Square)

The Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust, which I had thought of as the guardian of the local public's interest in the building, is not actively involved in either of these initiatives (according to emails from Cllr Strang) and yet both relate to an important and iconic building in this area. I would therefore like to propose that, as part of the Area Plan which it is the duty of the area committee to develop, the oversight of these two important tasks pass immediately to this committee, away from the officers and councillors at the civic centre, and thereby to all of us attending here at this forum. Much more truly local control over local facilities.
I would also like to propose that, if the HTHCT plays no active part in either of these crucial activities, its purpose is so severely limited that it should be dissolved immediately.
I'd also like to suggest that if anything you have heard this evening strikes a chord with any of you, this discussion can be continued on OpinioN8 at opinion8.ning.com on the internet.
Thank you.

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Ive been following the HTHCTs plan for a while and understood that their plan was fully underway. I.e. to redevelop the site as an arts centre, funded through building houses.

How come this isnt happening now? And why has this school been given a site? Seems ludicrous to me, and though I was cynical of the HTHCT (such a long abbreviation!) plans it seems the other option is definitely not representative of the communities wishes.


I wish there were more documents out there detailing the plans!


Cheers for your hard work



I think this discussion has links to all the most recent pronouncements.

Almost every other plan has now been dismissed as not viable, except the lease to a single tenant. Personally I think it is time to accept this relatively unambitious plan and just make sure that it works as well as it can. 

The topic is now on the agenda of the area forum

Sounds very dodgy to me, i'll come along to the area forum when its on next.


What seems ridiculous to me is that the Trust promised people lots of things, an arts centre which the community could really use. Giving the site to an arts organisation which charges huge funds per year for tuition does not equate to the same thing, im sure some back hand deals gone on somewhere...

Richard - did you make it to the meeting? Did the presentation convince you? Have you read my report on the latest version of the Mountview plans?


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