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I went to a meeting in a pub and enjoyed it - about the embryonic Neighbourhood Forum

I went to the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum meeting in the Earl Haig Hall yesterday evening, and I think it went very well, because:

1) there were about 30 interested people present

2) It was run by a trio of knowledgeable and capable local people with a track record of getting things done

3) a substantial number of volunteers stepped up to move the project forward 

4) many of the Crouch End and Hornsey councillors were present, all were supportive of the idea and one spoke of having been won round to the idea of a Neighbourhood Forum during the course of the meeting

5) the main presentation was lucid, articulate and brief and made several highly practical suggestions, including:

  • a) the Neighbourhood Forum  is not a clone of Haringey's Area Forum because the  Area Forum deals with current issues and solutions, such as emptying bins and fixing potholes (from the Revenue budget) while the Neighbourhood Forum will deal with plans for future changes (from the Capital Expenditure budget)
  • b) the way to determine the boundaries for the Neighbourhood Forum is to walk outwards from the centre of Crouch End and mark the boundary at the point where you no longer think you are in Crouch End. Then knock on a door and ask the occupant where she lives!
  • c) the Neighbourhood Forum will reduce the number of meetings anyone needs to go to by acting as an umbrella organisation to achieve consensus, rather than waiting for a conflict to arise

6) What could be better to help get through any meeting than a pint of Stiff Upper Lip?

7) I've been promised the minutes for publication

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yes it was a good meeting, Adrian   like you, I approve of an 'umbrella' group and want to thanl you for what opinioN8 has achieved in ths respect so far    SallyM

Couldn't make the meeting but am interested in what you are doing. Anything which gets people involved with local issues instead of just moaning on social media has to be a good thing

I'd be interseted iin attending this.  when is the next meeting?

The notes from the inaugural meeting are here - Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum - the date for the next public meeting has yet to be set, but it will appear in our events pages when known.

In the meantime please reply to one of these threads or raise a topic of your own. 


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