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This premises has not been lucky as retail for a while but how does this fit in with the regeneration of this bit of Crouch End


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Careful, A2 also allows use as a betting shop.

We don't seem to get that many of those here. It'll be a charity shop, estate agents or a nail bar (which surprises me, as I see them as little low-rent). 

Now that I've said that it'll be a betting shop, won't it? :D

So far no one has objected to the change of use. But I will based on what I think is a genuine planning objection in that it is counter to Haringey's planning policy to have too many offices in a shopping centre. At least I think it used to be, I haven't actually looked it up


Adrian, they won't care. You are referring to the town and planning act I believe. Which is not worth the paper it's written on. That's why a short stretch of Green Lanes now have about 738 betting shops. And there were a lot more than one objection or most of them. Sad but true, at least with estate agents the slime balls will be inside, not littering the pavement outside, pestering passers by. That's looking at the bright side..

I think it is a touch harsh to say the planning department won't care. I think they do care but are bound by rules which aim to 'regenerate' areas. I can't keep up with NPPFs and the like which grant all sorts of freedoms, and how they are set of against 'localism' which give nearby residents (you and I) some sort of control. But according to this table, from this document Green Lanes has been picked out as a special case for a low percentage of primary retail, and the 50% figure for the relevant bit of Tottenham Lane probably means the change of use will go ahead, so in effect it may seem like not caring.

Dear Sir/Madam

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995

Location: 37A Broadway Parade Tottenham Lane N8 9DB

Proposal: Change of use from A1 (retail) to A2 (financial and professional services)

I am writing to inform you that after taking into consideration relevant planning policies and the comments of

local residents the Council has on 20/06/2014, GRANTED planning permission for the above proposal.

The officer’s report and decision notice can be viewed at www.haringey.gov.uk/planning using the above

reference number.

Yours faithfully

Emma Williamson

Head of Development Management

Planning Service

The other consultation comment posted by Haringey (the first was my objection) reads

: M Salllows
Fairfield Gardens

N8 9DD
Submission: Support
Comments: I wholeheartedly support the application which would bring the unused unit into use.

The Council's restrictive policy on use-change is totally out of touch with the uses to which a modern high-street can
be commercially put.

The use to which the applicant wishes to put the unit can only be of benefit to the area.


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