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You'll know by now of the Haringey Hornsey Town Hall Press Release setting out the intention to recommend the consortium based in the Cayman Islands as the new owners of Hornsey Town Hall, and the robust response of the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society.

One of the lines you will hear peddled by Haringey in response is that the voice of the community has been heard throughout. This voice is represented by the Hornsey Town Hall Can't Talk, except to repeat parrot fashion what the council has already said. This is because the OJEU procurement process demands their silence until the contracts are signed, in return for input into the "Community Use and Access" aspect of the decision making process.

You have to wonder what this input was? We know a bit about two of the bids:

  • the winning (so far) Cayman Islands hotel bid pending Cabinet approval - community access is limited to the Assembly Hall and the Supper Room, details of which have yet to be agreed, and the operator might, or might not - nothing has been decided yet - be ANA
  • the losing bid - offering "20,000sqft of workspace for local SMEs, start-ups, social enterprises, charities and third-sector organisations" amongst other things

We wonder just what input the Can't Talks actually had. They were supposed to mark the community access parts of the bid. Let's look back to their consultation. You can see from the graph below that 0,37% of c300 respondents wanted a hotel on the site. That's one slightly deluded consultee - who needs a hotel you can only get to on the W's 3, 5 and 7 the 91 and the 41. 

What were the popular choices? Creative Arts Uses and Community Facility. Just what the Tishman Speyer bid offers, in great detail and with a carefully worked business plan.

By my marking the Hong Kong Hoteliers get null points, Tishman Speyer, Bioregional and Ethical Property Company get the full 30%. According to all the promises the Hotel doesn't even make it to the drawing board.

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