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#HTHBadDeal - crowdfunding success - now bring political influence to bear

The HTHCIC crowdfunding campaign has got off to a good start. The initial tranche of cash, needed to seek barristers' opinion, was raised by teatime of the day after launch.
Now is our opportunity to bring some political influence to bear.
Over the next four weeks our buzzers, bells and knockers will be fingered by bright eyed hopefuls desperate for our votes for the May council elections. We must get the message to them that that the biggest CE issue (among the many challenges to the borough generally) is Hornsey Town Hall. We should not vote for any candidates who will not “If elected ...
  • review the disposal and start discussions with FEC to get clarity on their intentions for HTH
  • enforce all conditions in planning and the Development Agreement
  • we will take a robust, community interest led approach if FEC ask for variations
  • if the Judicial Review is successful we will review our options to find a community led solution to the future of HTH.

So that when

  • FEC come back for another storey or two on the tower blocks, we get the opportunity to reject them.
  • When FEC say 'we can't afford an Arts Centre' we tell them they must.
  • When FEC say community access is only available form midnight to 6 am at more than commercial rates, we explain in no uncertain terms that that is not the deal

So far Haringey has bent over backwards t accommodate the developer. The new regime from May onward must not do so. Candidates who refuse to these perfectly reasonable demands should be consigned to the sink hole of absurdity

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