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Someone sticks up a message about the new bus announcements ("this is a bus and therefore moves"), and it's now a 78 reply string.

There's a lesson there somewhere.

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But luckily it's on Facebook , the very epitome of ephemeral, so it will be forgotten tomorrow.

I keep a utility to hand to expand all the comments on a Facebook post by program, to avoid the need to click "View 16 replies" over and over. I recommend it.

And talking of recommendations can you recommend someone who can teach me whatever lesson it is the 78 (might be 88 now) replies imply. Sorry if that's a silly question.

It's human nature ain't it guvnor.

What you need is a survey. Most talked about topics with greatest number of respondents (ie. discarding the long strings where it's just the same people knocking on and arguing with each other). Then you'll have a deep understanding of the local psyche, an unrivaled knowledge of pets, and need for one of the many local therapists.


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