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I've lived in Crouch End for nearly three years and I've always felt safe. The recent shootings in Wood Green have me worried though that crime from Wood Green/Tottenham will eventually start spilling into Crouch End. According to recent news reports, the suspects lived in Hornsey and the shootings were gang-related (it doesn't appear as if the victims were the intended targets). Crouch End, and even Hornsey, have always struck me as safe, pleasant areas with relatively low crime levels compared to other areas in London but it seems as if gang violence is closer to home than I thought.  Am I right to be concerned? Do you feel safe in Crouch End? Do you think that gang violence in neighbouring Wood Green and Tottenham will cause an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour in Crouch End?

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These two reports cover the Wood Green incident and subsequent arrests.

For myself I am determined to feel safe in Britain and to go about my normal business undeterred by reports such as these. Just as I did when the IRA were planting bombs outside the shops I used in the West End, and near my workplaces in the city. 

These gunmen do not appear to be well organised and to have fled en masse as soon as they realise what they had done.

There was a time not long ago when Green Lanes had very many "social clubs" which were  a cover for sinister meetings of sinister gangs. Haringey cleared them out by means of enforcing licensing laws. We can only guess that the meetings still take place but now more discreetly. 

Not long ago we had a focus for acts of violence in Crouch End at BG Max which was again cleared up by means of licensing laws because the baddies can't be bothered to obey them either.

I have read about the moped muggers but never been mugged myself.

So while I understand these threats exist I don't plan to change my behaviour nor suffer any undue anxiety

I was surprised to find that there were actually IRA bombs in Crouch End in 1993, according to this newspaper report.

Two exploded outside the YMCA and damaged the Hornsey Journal offices.


I remember those bombs going off - they woke me up and were very successful at creating the traffic chaos they aimed to cause.

So we were not completely safe in 1993, nor between 1939 and 1945, nor now, possibly from random gunmen or maybe moped muggers or young girls who come to your door. But all these untoward incidents make the news. I have spent the entire day not being bombed or mugged, a fact which will not be reported in tomorrow's paper. 


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