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When I got back from holiday at the end of February I immediately had to ask a favour of a friend, and called round to his house. He was dealing with a representative of the company which sells him his electricity, the issue being that the electric company said his meter was out of date and needed replacing. And, by the way, it had been under reporting for many years, so, they suggested, he owed them a lot of money to make up the under payments. Clearly a situation in need of resolution, and surely not by the payment of large sums of money by an innocent consumer with neither the skills nor the knowledge to ensure the accuracy of his electric meter.

In the pile of post waiting on my door mat was a letter from a company called Lowri Beck, telling me that I have to have my electric meter replaced. I'm not desperately keen to have my meter replaced, because obviously while it is disconnected nothing in my house will work, and who knows what might not start up again when it is reconnected. Certainly all my clocks will be wrong, and what damage might be done to the hard disc in my Virgin+ box, where I keep my extensive collection of Dad's Army repeats.

There is also the danger that they might be slipping me a smart meter without my wanting it - I share Which's view of smart meters that these things are of benefit only to the power companies, and of cost mainly to me. I quite the lunatic fringe view, too. Smart meters are not compulsory. "The 'Smart' Meter is #1 in terms of devastation to our nervous system... [the radiation] permanently destroys and alters the manufacture of brain proteins ... meaning that it completely changes the human organism - permanently" - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD 

So, given that the letter they sent me is an abysmal thing (see below) I'm going to make a minor fuss by sending the following email.

Dear Frank Caldwell

I am in receipt of a letter from you stating that I must have my electricity meter changed. I have a number of questions about this communication which seems to have been produced by computer as it contains my address and a presumably unique job number.

1) The address you have used is out of date - are you really in contact with my electricity supplier

2) you refer to " . . . . YOUR ENERGY SUPPLIER" - surely you must know who this is - why has your computer not inserted the correct supplier name

3) you state "Electricity meters must be changed after a set period of time . . . " but make no mention of what this period of time is, nor demonstration that my meter qualifies. Presumably you know my meter number and current certification status.

4) who says my meter must be changed - the evidence I have is that they need only be certified

Given the inadequacies of your communication, I am not inclined at this stage to make the appointment you request. Perhaps you could provide further evidence of your bona fides.



Lowri Beck Services Ltd Tel: 01942 760183
Westward House Fax: 01942 612131
King Streelwest V Ibenquiries@Iowribeck.co.uk
Wigan,WN1 1LP www.|0wrrbeck.co.uk
Lowri Beck Services Ltd

N* 9HG
Wednesday 12* February 2014
Dear Adrian Essex
Your electricity meter is due to be changed.
Your Job ID Number: 920752
Electricity meters must be changed after a set period of time to make sure they are working safely and
accurately. Your electricity supplier has asked us to replace your meter on their behalf, so we would like to
make an appointment for our engineer to visit you.
§ Please call us on 0845 124 5360 to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you. We are
here to take your call and answer your questions from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.
Here is some useful information about your meter exchange:
• In most cases the work will take about 20 minutes and is always free of charge. However, if you fail to
keep an appointment you may be charged by your supplier.
• We will normally replace your meter with a new one of the same type. However, if you have a token
prepayment meter, we will install a key meter that you top up using a plastic key.
• Your electricity supply will have to be switched off for a short while, so if you have any sensitive
electrical equipment, e.g. TV, satellite system, computer, hi-fi, please switch it off and unplug it.
• Even if your meter is outside your property an adult must be present to allow us access to your meter.
• lf you have a dog, please keep it in a separate room while our engineer is with you.
Thank you for your help in giving us safe access to your meter. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Frank Caldwell
Field Operations Director
Lowri Beck Services Ltd
Phone calls: We may monitor and/or record calls for security, quality or training purposes. The cost of calls to 0845 numbers may vary so please
check with your provider for exact charges.

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