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I had a very splendid lunch in Hot Pepper Jelly the other day - I had a Black Pudding Stack and a breakfast smoothie. The Black Pudding was excellent - properly spicy and fried crispy - so I'd go back for another. And the breaksfast smoothie is a very tasty way to get your oats.

I did see this sign in the window, though and given recent pronouncements by Gauke - apparently a government minister - it troubled my conscience. Is it my job to make sure that all the cash HPJ takes 

is actually put through the books. Am I allowed to assume that this 'cash only' business is cash only for good reasons - that credit card processing is expensive and payment is slow, that cash is needed to pay the greengrocer and the butcher for supplies, - or must I check that the management is not acting immorally like the minister says

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Given the immorality of cash transactions what are we to make of the fact that this "cash" stuff is produced on behalf of a Government Agency -the Bank of England - and that the Queen seems to be involved in some way. Does Her majesty know about this?


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