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This is an  invitation for others who care about the future (and indeed the present) of Hornsey Town Hall

to join me in a pressure group, with the intention of attempting to persuade the various bodies currently responsible for the Hall to make a good job. Signal your willingness by joining this group. Thanks

Hornsey Town Hall has had a troubled history in recent years. It has been allowed to fall into disrepair, it has been offered for sale as a telephone exchange, it has been the subject of extravagant and unachievable redevelopment proposals. At present it is the subject of another proposal, in many ways unlike those most recently put forward by its official guardians. The current plan (May 2011) is to grant a long lease on the building to MountView Academy of Dramatic Arts for a nominal sum. Haringey will then contribute towards the cost of refurbishing the fabric of the building, whilst Mountview will bring the interior up to the standard required to conduct its business.

Given the troubled history, and the apparent inability of  the guardians to deliver on past promises, this group of concerned citizens has been formed to bring pressure to bear on the various trusts and boards involved in the current proposals to make sure that they are actually delivered.

The main points at issue are:

  • The terms of the lease to be granted which must ensure that all the goals of the arrangement can be met
  • Continued public access to the building and to the Town Hall Square
  • Proof of the viability of the proposals before the lease is signed
  • Escape clauses from the lease on non-destructive terms in the event of default on either side
  • Assurance of good value for the proposed sale of the building plot


It is not proposed that the past be revisited. The situation is as it is. The goal is to ensure that this initiative is well managed.


If any one would like to join me in this civic venture please join the group

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