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Hornsey Town Hall / Mountview - little news is not necessarily good news

There is an article in the Ham and High this week which begins "Fears over the future of Hornsey Town Hall were put to rest this week . . . . . ". ( I cant find it on their web pages).

It seems to be based in large part on this news item on the Mountview Theatre School web site.

I'm sorry but I can't agree with the sentiment. I wrote in September about the depressing lack of information coming out of this Haringey / Mountview project, and now we get a half-hearted, detail-free few words, promising in terms of 'public engagement' nothing but jam tomorrow. If this is a successful project then why are they not bruiting it abroad. If public engagement is important to them then why are they not doing more of it. Why have they only got as far as RIBA stage C which is nothing more than a concept. Surely the concept  was set out very clearly when the 2011 agreement was entered into. Ah well, at least the architects are making some money out of it.

This photo from a series on Hornsey Town Hall published in October 2013

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