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Last December Haringey received a report (Hornsey Town Hall Renaissance Project) it had commissioned assessing the status of the Mountview / Hornsey Town Hall project. There is not one jot of good news in this report.

Applying some bizarre set of prioritisation the following things have (/have not happened):

1) the cabinet has not been informed of this problem until now - this is the report going to Cabinet on July 15th 2014
2) the public have been told nothing until now, except a rather misleading item on the Mountview web site published in February of this year, which you can get to via this link
3) Yet another firm of consultants has been engaged, presumably at some expense, a commission which apparently can happen entirely without the knowledge of the cabinet, to throw the whole project back to the drawing board 

To address the Gateway Review recommendations, the Council appointed GVA Ltd in February 2014 to undertake a detailed options appraisal of the Hornsey Town Hall project, including broader options for the Town Hall complex.

4) The council is now being urged to sit on its hands for a further two/three months while the consultants run up further bills
Members are asked to: 
• Review the Gateway Review report and its recommendations as set out in Section 4 and Appendix A. 
• To agree that a report should be brought forward to Cabinet in Autumn 2014 presenting the options generated and results of the options appraisal and seeking agreement as to how to proceed with the options considered for the Hornsey Town Hall site

Perhaps to some extent proceeding cautiously is the right thing to do. Certainly letting all this be known while an election campaign was going on might have damaged Labour's electoral chances in Crouch End! But to publish what seem to be fibs on the Mountview website, entirely without any of the public engagement seems wrong.

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