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Most of us know by now that Haringey is desperate to unload Hornsey Town Hall, and to raise as much capital as they can from the sale. You might find one or two notes about Hornsey Town Hall and OJEU on this website.

As a sop to the community council leaders have been paying lip service to community involvement, but the process they have followed effectively rules this out. OJEU sets the barriers to participation so high that only the biggest corporations can participate. No community group could hope to participate on level terms. The really truly community option, a Community Asset Transfer, widely used elsewhere throughout the country,  was considered only very briefly and does not make its way into the flawed outdated GVA report (I think it fails every test you might like to ask of it) on which the current disposal decision is based. 

Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society (a group of 6 people including me and 5 who actually know what they are talking about) believes Haringey should review and revise the OJEU disposal decision.

Please do look at the arguments in their letter to Claire Kober.

If you have some sympathy with them , then please sign the petition.

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