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There is a certain amount of activity on Twitter at the moment about a cinema for Crouch End. This raises questions about the proposed cinema in the revitalised Town Hall. Of course, this was the most popular item among residents so it was not included in the planning consent which Haringey granted itself.  This web site contains a lot of material about the plans but the site has not been updated since July last year - its run by a group who are sort of opponents of what the council is doing.

This other more official web site contains a lot of spin but rather less substance about how wonderful it is all going to be. This official site run by the official trust for officially making something happen has also not had a new news item since July of last year. 

My own view is that it is extremely unlikely that Haringey will find a builder to build just exactly what it has granted permission for, so the planning application is probably money down the drain.

Some of the twitter comments can be seen here and they pick up on the idea floated on this site about the possible use of the British Legion building in Elder Avenue

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I haven't read any of the links but the idea of a cinema in Crouch End is very exciting.  A lovely art house cinema that serves drinks would be perfect. 


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