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Hornsey High Street has been a conservation area since 1980 but according to this page of Haringey conservation area appraisals since then it has not officially been the subject of an appraisal. According to this list of conservation areas in Haringey it was extended in 1985. On this 2009 map of the Hornsey High Street Conservation Area the baths (Nos 33 - 47) are shown as "Council Office". 


The pdf embedded below (and attached) is entitled "Draft Conservation Area Statement" and appears to have been commissioned by Haringey in 2003.  At section 5.4 the Baths are identified as making a positive contribution to the conservation area. Relevant sections have been highlighted in yellow. At one point (section 5.7) it is proposed that the baths be re-used.

Attached to this post is a "SHORT LIST OF ADDITIONS TO LOCAL LIST OF BUILDINGS OF MERIT". Hornsey Baths is included in this list, although it would appear the list was not acted upon, as the Baths do not appear in the Register of locally listed buildings.




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