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What IS it about Crouch End and Crouch Hill in particular? First Mr Trebus at the bottom of the hill and now some other bloke at the top of the hill collecting rubbish and not able to let it go (BBC1 tonight, 8th May). I wonder if this problem is really widespread as there's someone else not two doors from me who is the same. I'm really of two minds about whether 'something should be done' to clear up their mess. But I AM of the view that something should be done. And is the problem in Crouch End bigger than we realise? And if so, why?

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Channel 4 had a programme about this as well. Perhaps its recession related - Mr Trebus was well aware of the political and financial changes arising out of the 30s depression, perhaps 'saving', even apparently worthless items, is a reaction to the profligacy of the banks, governments and credit card users, all around the world.

Nah don't think so. These guys have been hoarding since well before the recession. I don't think you can blame this on the banks.

I don't think Adrian was blaming hoarding on the banks, but rather the effect of the Great Depression on an earlier generation. Certainly my late father was a hoarder and I'm likewise.


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