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I have been thinking about getting rid of my car for some time. I've never enjoyed driving and as my reactions slow I enjoy it even less. Plus I have to remember things like tax discs and services and CPZ permits. I'd be happier without the hassle. So I've looked at Haringey's Car Club deal . This was run by Streetcar but now seems to belong to Zipcar , part of a biggish American(?) parent.

My main use for the car (a 2004 Honda Jazz) is to take my mother shopping, which I do most weekends - she lives in the country about 80 miles away. 

I've worked it out as below, and Zipcar does not look like a good bet at the  moment, with Zipcar costing over £6,000 and owning at about £3,000


Personal ownership
Road Tax £120
Insurance £481
Cost of Capital £100 (3% on £3,000)
Depreciation £500 (assume value c£3,000 going to nothing over 5 years)
Breakdown Cover £25 use Quidco to get this year's special offer
Petrol £1,182 40 trips of 220 miles at 44mpg at £1.30 per litre
Servicing £600 A bit of a guess
Tyres £200 A bit of a guess
Haringey CPZ £52
Total £3,259
ZipCar Assume weekly journey Sunday and Monday, say 220 miles, 40 times a year
Membership £60
Mileage £1,400 220 miles per hire less the 80 allowed by zipcar times 25p
Hire £4,720 40 x 2 day trips at £59 per day for a VW Golf
Total £6,180

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