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There are a few cunning ploys in use on local planning applications.

Cunning Ploy number 1) - say one thing and do another

Cunning ploy number 2) - Lie

Cunning ploy number 3) - Bluster and obfuscation 

cunning ploy number 4) - try and turn the system to your advantage

1) One of the simplest is to make promises and then not keep them. This building on Fairfield Road had a design statement claiming a timber frame construction and a sedum roof for sustainability. I watched the breeze block walls go up and as the picture shows there is no sedum roof.

2) The applicant who wants to demolish Kwik Fit simply did not tell the truth - he told a public meeting that none of the tenants want to renew leases when they come up for renewal soon - not true - they all do.

3) the new owners of the Royal British Legion (Earl Haig Memorial Hall) have clearly dropped an enormous clanger. Not only could they have bought the hall in the weeks preceding the auction for little more than half the price they eventually paid, they clearly did not do any due diligence beforehand. Permission will not be lightly granted to demolish this purpose built public hall, and it is not fit for any other purpose, so a developer must demolish it. So the new owners have begun a programme of bluster, claiming both that the Hall has never been used for public meetings!!!  This though is in response to

cunning ploy number 4) in which a local group has applied for the Hall to remain exactly what it always has been. It looks like an application which cannot fail and yet will implicitly require the planning authority to endorse the status quo. An even more cunning ruse to use the system to advantage can be seen in respect of Pinkham Way. On the one hand we have the North London Waste Authority and all its pomp and poop and whatever else wanting to turn a bit of wasteland into a huge rubbish processing plant. But what have the objectors done. They have spotted that the site is and has been for a long time a bit of wasteland. That is a bit of land used only by the common people for walking themselves and their dogs and exercising their paramours up against trees, so they have taken the opportunity to have it designated as common land and granted whatever protection the law grants to common land. One of the partners in the North London Waste Authority, Haringey Council, is compelled to take this seriously and is conducting a Pinkham Way Village Green consultation. Whose side do you come down on? The common man on his common land, or the elected representatives of the people

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