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Please share this and also email the response...
Howard Monk 22 November 15:17
Please share this and also email the response in support! Thanks!

To UK musician friends, friends of UK musicians and all sensible people.

Thanks to Eddie Walker of the Musicians Union for raising awareness of the fact that the Government has announced another consultation on the 2003 Licensing Act which brought in stringent licensing regularions for all venues offering live music. Rules so tortuous (and expensive) to comply with that many pubs and clubs simply ceased to support live music any more.

This one proposes that pubs, clubs and other small venues offering live music should no longer have to apply for an entertainment licence. (Yay!) The MU has responded to the consultation, but it is likely to come down to numbers for and against, the MU is therefore asking all members to write to DCMS in support of the proposals. But you don't have to be a member of the MU to support the changes.

If the amendment is accepted, then more gigs should become available.

If you agree, please share this via Facebook or whatever and copy (or reword) the text below and send it to:

• As an active musician I am writing to support the MU’s submission to this consultation, and to voice my own support for the proposals to cut red tape for live music.
• I believe that the inclusion of regulated entertainment in the Licensing Act 2003 is not necessary and that its inclusion has greatly increased bureaucracy for very little benefit to the licensing objectives.
• I hope that this consultation will result in an exemption for small venues putting on live music with fewer than 200 people in attendance.
• I also support the proposals outlined in Lord Clement-Jones’ Live Music Bill.


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