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Help out our Safer Neighbourhoods Team by answering a few simple questions

Dear Community Member

We are approaching the anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan and the subsequent disorder. We are also now officially into the Olympic period. Monitoring community tension levels throughout this prolonged period is necessary work which we hope you will support us in. Therefore can I please ask you to respond to the below questions:

1. Are you hearing or seeing anything in your community that leads you to believe tension levels are increasing 
2. If yes what are you hearing/seeing 
3. If hearing or seeing directly what age group/gender are those individuals

Thank you

Sergeant John McGrath
Crouch End and Highgate SNT's - Haringey

( Phone:       0208 649 3515
                         0208 721 2673 

:  E-mail:       John.McGrath@met.police.uk
 Mail:           The Collection 73-75 Crouch Hall Road 
                          N8 8HD

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