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Has anyone got a solution to the pot watering problem. Just go away for a few days and your pots dry out and the plants wilt. I don't feel entitled to impose on friends and neighbours, adding another chore to their busy lives, so i need an automatic process.

I've bought some of those orange cone things with holes in (they look a bit like carrots) you screw a pop bottle on them and stick them in the pot, and the water is supposed to trickle out gradually, but they are quite erratic. Either they empty immediately or never.

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Please help! I have the same problem. 4 days of rain and 1 day of sun and plants are still wilting. Where did you get the carrot thing from?

They are called 'Watering Spikes' and made by 'Neat Ideas'. I bought mine from a store call Range in the Midlands, but I saw them in the Garden Centre (Sunshine . Durnsford) last week. I haven't checked the pet shop on Park Road.

I'm not sure I'm recommending them, but I do now have 6 bottles connected.


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