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Hi All,


I live just off archway road and a police helicopter has been regularly disturbing me from my sleep at midnight.


Last night it was just going round in circles in the Crouch End Broadway area. I dont know what they are looking for, and even if this style of policing is more effective than getting down their on the ground.


Anyway its bloody annoying as its very disturbing.


Anyone else notice this? What can we do about it?





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I didn't notice it last night, but often have in the past. It is hard to know whether to be annoyed or pleased. The noise of a helicopter is peculiarly penetrating and soon becomes an annoyance even if you're not trying to sleep. But the videos from a helicopter of a criminal trying to hide in bushes while the thermal camera picks him out is pretty convincing - its a form of search you'd need hundreds of bobbies on foot to reproduce. Following a runaway through the back streets from the air is probably also safer than chasing in a car, despite the inherent risk of a crash of a helicopter. 

I've had a quick look on the Metropolitan Police twitter feed but didn't quickly spot anything about Crouch End yesterday.

Have you tried asking our local bobbies  - the Crouch End Safer Neighbourhood Team - part of their job is liaison, to the extent that they are holding a 'police surgery' in Gail's from 5 till 6 on Monday where you could ask your question.

SNT contact details

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  • The Collection, 73 Crouch Hall Road, Hornsey, London N8 
    73 Crouch Hall Road 

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I am regularly upset by the noise of helicopters flying over Crouch End especially late at night. A phone call to 101 usually brings rapid relief!


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