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Surley we have enough amazing local breweries that could have been chosen from Camden to Shoeditch to London Fields...so when I ask for a pint of real ale I will be presented with a pint of tasteless smoothflow John Smiths..not a nice experience!

Anyone else dissapointed ?

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Yes, disappointing, but money talks. It would be good if they could partner with a local brewery for the Real Ale. e.g. Redemption.

Yes, Me.

HEINEKEN, the UK’s leading brewer and cider maker, has been appointed as the official supplier of beer and cider to Alexandra Palace, the iconic North London multi-platform entertainment venue that this month has played host to some headline sports events.  This includes the Ladbroke’s World Darts Championship as well as the launch of the world Ping Pong championship and Masters Snooker.  From March the venue kicks off its award winning annual live music calendar with Suede, who are expected to attract some 10,000 concert goers.

I think that's a shame especially after Heineken bagged the exclusive rights to the Olympics. In my view their flagship product looks , tastes and smells like p - p - p etrol .

What would have been wrong with a non-exclusive deal including a local brewery - perhaps the Redemption Brewery in Tottenham or read about others in this travelogue compiled by the Daily Telegraph

"that's a shame especially after Heineken bagged the exclusive rights to the Olympics" - Remember the "Dutch House" Ally Pally sealed off to all but the Dutch fans during the Olympics - Heineken paid for all that. Now do you know why they have an exclusive deal?

"Now do you know why they have an exclusive deal?"

yes how did they do it..flexing muscle?..the huge backup of the corporation? unbeatable supply chain? they liked the colour green ?

And exclusive..I wonder if certain events, such as music concerts, can bring in their own brand of drinks..or will Heineken insist it's has to be from the heineken portfolio.

My guess is price and ease of supply.

If you are around during the Easter Weekend we'll be show-casing a number of London Brewers at our "London - City of Beer" Beer Festival at the Three Compasses - see events for details!


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