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I'm a local mum thinking if opening a day/evening creche in Crouch End. I think it would be nice to have a safe and fun place to leave my lovely little boy for a few hours - what I don't know is if there are enough other mums/dads like me to make this a worthwhile venture. If a creche is something you would use please complete a short survey (and forward to like-minded friends and family) - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/crouchendcreche - this will help me decide whether or not to go ahead!

Not the first time this question has been asked - see Maddy's post

And are these suitable premises

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hi! the creche I have in mind is a bit different then the workspace creche from Maddy's post, but there is definitely a lack of short term / temporary childcare options so I am sure there is room for both - though without enough survey respondents we will never know! (so please do complete the survey if this is something you would be interested in). 


ps; my parents are hippies, hence my given surname is 'celestial-one'...


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