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#HDV | The “EXEMPT APPENDICES CABINET 3 July 2017 6.30pm”

THE HDV is shaping up to be the biggest decision that Haringey Council will ever take—and possibly amongst the biggest that any local authority has taken.

By the Council's reckoning, it involves £2,000,000,000 of Council land and buildings, as measured by Gross Developable Value (whatever that may mean).

Due to its high risk, about half the Council cannot support it, but despite that, the New Labour Cabinet is scheduled to stamp their approval on 3 July. In support of this Agenda Item are two Cabinet papers (source) in particular.

One is a download of between 120 and 130 megabytes being a single PDF file.

It contains nearly one and a half thousand pages and much of the material is labelled "DRAFT".

The other paper however, is potentially much more interesting. At a little over a third of a megabtye, it's a convenient download. And given that it contains 90 pages, that's efficient. Everyone will find it a quick and easy read:

Supplement Exempt Appendices item 16 03072017 1830 Cabinet

The download link is here and for convenience, I've attached it below. Please note that some pages are redacted due to commercially sensitive information being exempt.


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Thanks a lot, that's more or less what I suspected... Maybe it's naive to say so but it only makes it more amazing that Kober should have been so emphatic about it on, as said, national TV, and makes me wonder still more why they're being so completely inflexible on the HDV given the amount of opposition they've raised, even, finally (not wishing to offend anybody here) within a Haringey Labour party that has waived Strickland's plans through with ineffectual grumbling for years.

And, when a Council leader like Claire Kober declares emphatically in public that a development will be 'at least 40% affordable housing' when she must be aware that she can't deliver on that, does that create any basis for a legal challenge at some point?

In one of the 'consultation' meetings on the Hornsey Depot/whatever you want to call it project I asked Patrick Kelly from the Planning Dept why the proposed densities and amounts of affordable housing were so far away from the published 30% or more levels supposedly required by Haringey Council. He replied that Council targets were just that, targets, and property negotiations are very complex bla bla bla, so any figure is subject to commercial negotiation, as if anyone who failed to understand this and thought the Council's declared percentages might have anything solid to them would be a complete idiot. So for KoberStrickland to pop up now and present their 40% target for the HDV as if it's written in stone is yet another piece of their behaviour that makes the jaw hit the floor.

That 40% percentage figure is memorable. And meaningless.

It doesn't suddenly disappear. In fact, it's often agreed to at one point. And then, over successive meetings, it gradually gets whittled down. Viability, you know. This has happened time and again. Sometimes (as with Spurs) down to zero.

It is in the financial interests of LendLease to have zero percentage affordable. Arguably, it is in the political interests of the Labour Council to have a much higher percentage (although with the HDV, the Labour Council seems to have abandoned its traditional supporters).

However—and this is where the Labour-run Council becomes compromised—it is the Council's financial interests to have a low percentage, in order to boost those profits that optimistically—if not heroically—the Council Leader believes we might share in.


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