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HDV | 360° Fly-around of sites destined for the ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’

HERE are links to tweets that contain fly-around videos of the major sites destined for Haringey Council’s development vehicle. 

That would be a joint-venture with LendLease. Each aerial view circles 360° around each site about a fixed point on the ground and looks down at about a 45° angle.

If you have any queries about this, you should contact your local Councillor, or the Council Leader (Cllr. Kober) or the Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning (Cllr. Strickland).


Development sites in Phase One

Northumberland Park Estate  – A huge area. This is currently home to some 1,400 people. The proposal is that they be “decanted” in phases over several years while the area is re-built

Northumberland Park Community School – this includes the Vale School, for pupils with special needs; those who are vulnerable and with learning difficulties

Haringey Council’s Civic Centre – is destined for the HDV, including the car-park behind. Half of it's value would be gifted to the preferred bidder, in the same way as scores of other sites

Council's own headquarters: – River Park House and adjacent buildings – are destined for the joint venture

Wood Green Library, adjacent Mall & forecourt – now home to a new Customer Service Centre, recently installed

Cranwood, Muswell Hill Council's former care home 


Some development sites for subsequent phases (not exclusive)

Broadwater Farm – is destined for the Haringey Development Vehicle

The Ashley Road Depot —on the north side of Down Lane Park—is to transfer to the preferred bidder's joint venture

Reynardson Court, by Tottenham High Road and including the Police Station, would pass to the HDV

Industrial land near Wood Green—in the vicinity of Coburg & Western Roads—would go the Development Vehicle

The Dell is destined for the Vehicle – this is Haringey Council-owned land north of the Borough, opposite Enfield Crematorium

Leabank and Lemsford Close

Muswell Hill Library (Land behind) currently a car-park

Park Grove and Durnsford Road 

Tunnel Gardens

Osborne Grove Nursing Home and on Vimeo

Turner Avenue & Brunel Walk and on Vimeo

Broadwater Farm Community Health Centre and on Vimeo

The Laurels (St. Ann's Road) and on Vimeo

Morrison Yard (off Tottenham High Road) and on Vimeo

Last updated 2017–05–2

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