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HDV | Blistering letter from Alexandra Ward resident to Councillor Kober: “The Great HDV Disaster”

THE following email was sent from Alexandra Ward resident Susie Helme to Councillor Claire Kober and copied to all Haringey Councillors on Sat, 21 Jan 2017 15:18:56 +0000

Subject: The Great HDV Disaster

 Dear Counsellor Kober,

As you say in your article, you were elected to represent the
residents of Haringey, so why instead are you representing the fat
cats of capitalism?

Your article is full of disingenuous lies and deceitful double-speak.

1.. By 'people who work in London' do you mean people who staff our
local libraries run our buses and teach in our schools or do you mean
investment bankers who commute into the City?

2.. It is deceitful politics, to say the least, to claim that
'tackling inequality and creating opportunity' can be achieved by
getting rid of all the poor people. This is what you're proposing.

3.. What does 'the social causes of deprivation' mean? Are you
saying it's our fault? No, instead, the banks, with government
collusion, have stolen all our money, and costs of living are
continually rising while wages are falling and services are cut.

4.. The 'deprivation' and 'waste of space' are a direct result of
under-funding for the purpose of red-lining areas national and local
government want to privatise.

5.. Why won't you conduct a true consultation? Don't just ask 'would
you like a shiny new home?' when it's obvious what people would answer
to that question. You need to present people with all the facts and
all the ramifications and full disclosure of the costs.

6.. In your article you say you will guarantee council tenants
secure tenancy and at the same rents as they currently pay, yet the
HDV documents clearly show that this is not the intention.

7.. The under-supply of housing is not some Act of God. It has been
caused by deliberate under-funding of public housing and the banks'
and government's encouragement of Buy-to-Let.

8.. Does 'affordable housing' mean housing that people can afford or
housing that people can borrow from the bank in order to afford?

9.. Where will people live while demolition and building work is going on?

10.. Who foots the bill when it all goes pear-shaped? Us!

11.. Every instance of privatisation so far has been a dismal
failure. Why are you still addicted to it?

12.. Numerous details make the project sound unworkable, such as,
what about the people who bought their flats under 'Right to Buy'?

13.. Exactly how much of our money has already been spent on trips
to Cannes and the campaign to hoodwink us into this terrible plan?

14.. The Blairite line that 'there isn't any money' and therefore
giving away the family silver to the private sector is 'the only
answer' is an outright lie, and you know it. The government has
absolutely no trouble coughing up for MPs' duck ponds and Trident
missiles and funding America's imperialist wars. Why not spend it
instead on improving people's lives?

15.. We don't want to be 'at the world's top table'. We want to have
our homes and live our lives. We don't want 'growth' if 'growth' means
the rich get richer and we get poorer.

16.. This plan is simply a disastrous investment idea and is
unsustainable in an era when the world economy is in sharp decline.

If you vote for the HDV, shame on you, shame on you, shame on you for
turning blue.

Reject the HDV! Deselect Kober and the Blairites Now!!

Yours sincerely,

Susie Helme
Resident of Alexandra ward 

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There may be some legitimate objections to the plan, and doubtless there are major risks. But it seems there is a greater risk of doing nothing and allowing large swathes of Haringey to decay further into decrepitude. At least this plan offers hope of economic regeneration, increased employment and better quality housing for those needed to fill those jobs. Far-left, anti-capitalist diatribes will not advance the debate and long term will harm the very people they are intended to help- ie the poorest in the borough who want the prospect of jobs and affordable housing for themselves and future generations. Meanwhile, get real - or at least get elected so you can legitimately say you represent the will of the majority


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