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HDV | Audit Plan to the [Haringey Council] Corporate Committee

HERE is a link to the Audit Plan (Haringey Council) for the year ending 31 March 2017.

There’s a caveat on page one (“Introduction”) about it's use. Although it's written for the Corporate Committee, it's a document in the public domain, about the scrutiny of a public body and you can read it.

It's about our Council, after all, for a public purpose, and paid for by us.

The Audit Plan contains reference (p.16) to the Haringey Development Vehicle.


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But, but , but, splutter - this is awful. WTF are we paying these people for?

What they say about the HDV

"We will review the work undertaken by the Council to address the issues identified and that appropriate plans around governance, performance management and risk management are put in place."  Does not even make sense. There is at least one verb missing from this statement.

And under the heading of "EXTERNAL DATA TO BE USED TO CORROBORATE AUDIT EVIDENCE" they say it's not applicable. When the mass of external evidence clearly shows the risks are very unlikely to be managed.

What does BDO stand for ? Bollocks, drivel and offal. Do they charge £1,000 an hour too?

Adrian, this is not the Audit, this is a plan or outline of the audit. Auditors represent a check-and-balance in our system that may not be steam-rollered by the Cabinet as easily as the Scrutiny Committee.


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