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#HDV | article in *Vice* that lifts the lid on the lobbying of London Councillors

TODAY's article in Vice lifts the lid on certain lobbying of Councillors, including current Members of the Haringey New-Labour Council Cabinet.

It's written with special reference to Mr Peter Bingle (Terrapin Communications Ltd.) and his client, Lendlease:

Peter Bingle spends his time schmoozing councils on behalf of prope...

Discusses the roles of,

  • profit distribution
  • law firm, Pinsent Masons
  • (previous) Labour Chief Whip
  • the Cabinet Member for Housing etc. and a certain “tour” on 30 September, 2014

The London Borough of Haringey is in the process of placing approximately £3,000,000,000 worth of business the way of a single company being,

  • £2bn. the HDV (the selected joint venture partner), plus a further
  • £1bn. being the Love Lane Estate redevelopment

Initially—and broadly—these two huge re-developments lie on either side of a certain soccer stadium. 

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There is a document on the Haringey website about the Love Lane Estate. It begins:

"To build a better High Road West and bring the changes you’ve told us you want to see, . . . . ".

I wonder just how many of the residents of :

"297 properties on the Love Lane Estate [which] would be demolished, . . . " said " we'd like you to demolish our homes please, and send us, who knows where".

The article in Vice does not state explicitly that there is something other than strict rationality influencing the decisions of these various councils to choose Lendlease. You might agree with Vice, I , of course, could not possibly comment. 

Adrian, thanks for drawing attention to the clause, bring the changes you’ve told us you want to see.

I'm afraid this PR-style language is fairly typical of what I think of as the Regeneration-Misselling scandal, whereby distortions—if not untruths— are passed off as respectable statements by Local Government.

How likely is it that anyone told the Council, I want to see you demolish my home!

 "the masterplan sets out how a number of properties would need to be acquired and demolished"

Also, a Haringey Council Cabinet HDV document sets out how—in order to acquire properties in private ownership—the HDV would (first?) try to purchase them through an agent, in order to conceal the true identity of the beneficial buyer.

The Council has claimed that this is in order to prevent the price from being bid up (by an unwilling seller). However, it's hard to distinguish this from the avoidance of paying a fair market price and perhaps trying to acquire property at a below market-price.

Is this not the New-Labour Council acting as a sharp property developer?

I can think of an example locally, some time ago, where an estate agent and a related party ended up in hot water over a scam that was in essence not dramatically different (a custodial sentence was involved, I seem to remember).

How far we have come.

The Vice article is surely essential reading for everyone in Haringey remotely concerned with how the place is run and most especially about the HDV. It needs to be shared as much as possible.

OpinioN8 is doing what it can, Nick.  A few shares on facebook and tweets would spread the word further.

I don't know the first time I heard the expression "Am I right or am I right?". It might have been in a play by Dennis Potter. But I'm pretty sure it was also in "Groundhog Day". For anyone who hasn't seen the film it's an entertaining and inventive allegory about an obnoxious TV presenter, played by Bill Murray, who is condemned to live the same 24 hours over and again. Untll - it's a moral tale - he learns to learn and to empathise and love. 

Plainly the Kober clique now running Haringey Council are not repeating the same events. But they are repetitively making similar foolish errors - whether it's Hornsey Town Hall, or the Haringey Development Vehicle. But, unlike the Bill Murray character, without any observable learning or even some disposition or wish to learn.

Instead they behave like programmed robots. But they are Kobots and their Prime Directive is loyalty to the Dear Leader. (And I don't mean Corbyn.)

The outcome is that the idea: 'we might be wrong' doesn't appear to cross their minds. Facts, evidence, secret redacted figures revealed, none of it matters. Dissenting experts; ignored. Residents with criticisms, different opinions, even suggestions for improvement, none of this shifts their smug certainties. Those who hold other views are: "scaremongering", or "going round making mischief" or "telling residents untruths". Or maybe they're in the LibDems, or the SWP, or they're simply not in the magic Leader circle. 

Who has a monopoly of truth?  "Claire is a strong Leader", they say. They explain that the cabinet has discussed this at length. So that settles the matter. If they vote the earth is a cube and the moon made of artisanal cheese remember that they took a vote. And woe to anyone who expresses doubts or different views.

Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
We thought that you'd think what Claire thinks.
So no need to move...

Not what you planned?
Our fault we fear,
Selling off Haringey's land for year after year
It's all that we've got
Lunch on a yacht

You don't like free trips
You thought there'd be clowns?
We'll send in the whips
They're like scary clowns.


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