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Labour's National Executive Council has put its foot with a firm hand down over the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) .

Haringey Lib Dems have called for an Extraordinary Full Council Meeting at which the HDV will be discussed. The first time the HDV will have been discussed at a full Haringey Council meeting (Feb 7th Civic Centre , Wood Green).

At least one of the travellers on the gentrification gravy train has got his flippers in a twist.

  1. PeterBingle Retweeted Oliver Cooper

    Opportunity for to support . Will he do so?

    PeterBingle added,

  2. When will make a statement about the HDV? or ?

  3. A very simple question. Does support or ?

  4. Every London council leader wants to hear support the HDV. James is/was a close friend of . Is City Hall now controlled by ?

  5. If doesn’t support over the HDV the government should move quickly to remove the GLA’s housing powers and transfer them to ...

  6. On HDV cannot do his usual ploy of being everything to everyone. He either supports or . I suspect he won’t support the democratically elected leader of . He is terrified of being deselected ...

  7. PeterBingle Retweeted Peter John

    Spot On. Kahn and Murray must defend Kober on this issue ...

    PeterBingle added,

  8. HDV will define what kind of mayor we have at City Hall. Is controlled by or does he want to work with local councils across our great Capital City?

  9. On HDV will have the courage to say anything. We know the answer. He will not support his friend . Shameful ...

  10. On the HDV has to support . If not he may as well hand over City Hall to ?

  11. I trust and will tell the Marxists to bugger off and support . Or perhaps he is scared of being deselected post May elections?

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