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Now that the Customer Service centre in Crouch End has gone I thought I should warn anyone who thinks the postal service will be any better than hanging around for 2 hours in the Town Hall. 2 weeks after posting an application it is yet to be processed. I have had to sweet talk the people in the office into letting me pick up the permits in person even though they are not a customer facing service. I was all for the CPZ as I have had the misfortune of living on a border road twice once in Islington and then in N8 but even so I would expect a quicker turnaround that this for getting permission for my friends/tradespeople to park.

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That is very annoying but not too surprising.  Welcome Betty - glad you delurked!

Similar but different. My Freedom Pass (yes, I know but I look much younger) was delayed as a matter of policy from my birthday in November last till 5th July this year. Earliest date for application 22nd June. I applied on 22nd June. I have yet to receive my Pass which I could have been using for a week.

Its now 21st July so exactly one calendar month has passed since I applied, and two weeks since I became eligible. A note on the website says "it may be quicker to apply at the Post Office again".
My pass has now arrived. I rode the W5 to Finsbury Park in celebration


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